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Prescription Monitoring Toxicology Testing

Dynamic Medical offers state of the art prescription monitoring toxicology testing that includes rapid result reporting in 24-36 hours, a robust testing menu, the ability to create your own testing profile, in house methamphetamine D/L isomer testing, world class report format, EMR integrations, electronic requisitioning, and a patient maximum bill of $50.00.

Cognitive Brain Function Testing

Dynamic Medical offers an innovative, non-invasive lab test for the brain. It is the only fully integrated medical neuroscience system that measures the function of the brain and heart in under 25 minutes and facilitates electrophysiology feedback. 1 in 5 adults are affected by cognitive impairment and memory loss. Our solution provides cutting edge clinical data to help practitioners identify and treat the underlying cause of symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, ADHD, and Chronic Pain. In addition, this testing averages $500.00 per test in reimbursements for the practitioner.

Medical Practice Prescription Medicine Dispensing

Dynamic Medical offers a turn key platform that allows a medical office to dispense medication without employing a Pharmacist, Pharmacy Tech, or investing in a pharmacy build out. This system offers your patients the convenience of leaving your office with their medication in hand. Medical office dispensing also improves compliance as 20-30 percent of prescriptions go unfilled. This platform allows the practitioner to set the pricing of prescription drugs while collecting the profits currently being collected by conventional pharmacies.

Electronic Mental Health Testing

New medical guidelines suggest every adult be tested for Depression at least once a year. Dynamic Medical offers an electronic platform that screens for Depression, Anxiety, Suicide Risk, Substance Abuse, and other mental health disorders. This innovative and efficient product documents patient response and delivers valuable insight into further treatment options. Electronic Mental Health Testing not only aids in legal liability compliance but also provides a billable CPT code for interpreting the test that averages $80 per patient test.


Dynamic Medical offers a best in class option for Pharmacogenetics Testing. This testing modality allows you to understand how your individual patients process medication. Personalized medicine is key initiative in the medical community. An actionable, impactful report allows medical practitioners to custom tailor prescription medicine therapy to individual patients. Our pharmacogenetic testing offering takes the results to the next level by offering the industry’s only Prescription Medication Review consultation by a Pharmacist.

Products tailored to your practice

Have a need for a product or solution tailored specifically to your practice? Allow Dynamic Medical to search and evaluate the product for you. This approach cuts down on the number of representatives you interact with. Dynamic Medical can be a single source for your practice.

Laboratory Blood Testing

Dynamic Medical offers cutting edge and traditional laboratory blood testing. Our blood testing option allows your practice to conduct traditional blood tests as well as viral, hormone, cancer markers, and health panels.