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Dynamic Medical is a medical laboratory that pairs medical practices with innovative diagnostic testing modalities, tools to increase efficiency, and solutions to manage clinical populations. Dynamic Medical offers a portfolio of solutions that are a precise fit for today’s medical laboratory environment. With over 20 years’ experience the medical industry, Dynamic Medical understands the needs of your practice and will prove to be a valued partner in helping you and your patients reach their goals.


Prescription Monitoring Toxicology Testing

Dynamic Medical Laboratory offers state of the art precision medical toxicology via urine and oral fluid that includes rapid result reporting in 24-48 hours, a robust and customizable testing menu, in house methamphetamine and amphetamine D/L isomer testing, flexible and intuitive results reporting, expedited EMR integrations, user friendly customer portal, and a patient friendly billing policy that features a maximum patient bill of $50.00. More

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Dynamic Medical features a groundbreaking solution offering enhanced operational efficiency streamlining laboratory patient management. Your practice can now order and receive laboratory results, access your EMR, and check your state PMP database all from the same HIPPA compliant browser. In addition, gone are the days of EMR integrations dragging on for 4-8 weeks. We can now integrate your EMR in as little as one day.   More

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